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In the last two years LIFE has visited venues from Glasgow to Bodmin, Kings Lynn to Belfast, Cardiff to Chichester . . .


Are you interested in finding out more about hosting LIFE?

This page should give you a good overview, however the best way to get any specific questions answered is by ringing our Project Co-ordinator, Kevin Baldwin on 07968 705623.


LIFE is aimed at two different audiences.  During the day, the exhibition is open for Key Stage 2 schoolchildren – that’s those in primary school years 5 and 6, or ages 9 to 11.  The exhibition is hosted by a local church (or churches) who invite primary classes to visit during the day. 

In the evening, LIFE is usually open to the general public.


The exhibition requires around 20 volunteers to be available at some point during the week, and a reasonable amount of flexible space. There’s usually a minimum lead time of 4-6 months to plan a LIFE visit, and the LIFE support staff will be on call to help during this period.  We provide a site survey, information packs, full training and help with publicising the event in your local area.


There is a financial commitment in hosting the resource, but if this is a concern please do get in touch, or this aspect can be discussed with you when the co-ordinator visits to meet you and carry out a site survey.

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